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Vallorbe's Stainless Steel Race Files really are the top of the heap when it comes to ski files.

Manufactured in Switzerland from a special stainless steel with the latest ski file cutting technology.

The Vallorbe ICECUT Race Files when compared to traditional ski fules will sharpen the edges faster, withstand significantly more use before wearing out & provide a cleaner, sharper finish on your ski edges.

These are the best files money can buy and are used by and made with the input of industry professionals including World Cup servicemen and professional skiers.

Compact 4” x 7/8” makes these easy to manage.

Fine, 17 Teeth Per Inch tooth configuration.

Also available in a Medium, 13 Teeth Per Inch version here 

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Width: 2.00
Height: 2.00
Depth: 4.75

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5 Stars
All you need

This file and the extra fine are all you need. Effortless to use and it will last as long as 10 mill or chrome files. Use it on an old ski the first time to get used to the cut. Finish with the extra fine Tungsten and diamond stones.