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  • The ICE05, 5" IceCut File comes from renowned Swiss craftsmen and precision ski file manufacturing specialists, Vallorbe.
  • Made of tough, chrome alloy steel tempered for extreme hardness.
  • Vallorbe Icecut™ files are incredibly flat and durable with file tooth cutting angles scientifically designed specifically for their intended application.
  • Each file inspected and tested for quality by the manufacturer.
  • Five inch, Bastard cut is the a level coarser than the eight 8" second cut Ice file and should be used when more material needs to be removed as in when setting ski edge bevels for the first time.  Also commonly used to speed up the filing process but be careful you don't take off too much edge.

Vallorbe's Swiss made IceCut ski files are the highest quality, longest lasting & most effective specialty ski files we are aware of.

Current Stock:
Width: 2.00
Height: 2.00
Depth: 8.00

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