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The brand new Swix World Cup Sidewall Cutter is an all metal, virtually indestructible tool designed to shave back the sidewall material of a ski or snowboard.

The reason this is done and why it is especially important for ski racers is that it exposes the metal edge making it much more accessible for tuning.

Were you to leave the sidewall as is, it can interfere with the cutting and polishing tools used to set and maintain ski and snowboard edge angles.

The new Sidewall Cutter is the best one Swix makes and is much more affordable than the previous version without sacrificing quality

Notable Features

  • Round titanium cutting blade.
  • Allen wrench(included) adjustable blade position.
  • Thum screw adjustable blade cutting depth.
  • Solid aluminum body
  • Roller guide prevents slips
  • Square & Round replacement blades available here 


Current Stock:
Width: 5.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 8.00
SKU: SWX16-1010

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