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As part of the Swix Racing line of ski files, the World Cup Racing Pros are at the top of the food chain. These files are made for Swix by Swiss file manufacturing masters, Vallorbe who have perfected the art of making industry specific cutting tools including ski files.

The World Cup Racing Pro File category includes this 17 teeth per inch, fine file & a more aggressive, 13 teeth per inch, medium file (found here) are made of a super durable form of stainless steel that allows for an extremely strong, durable and more importantly, hyper-sharp edge to be imparted on each of the file's teeth. What this means for ski tuners is less work, fewer passes along the metal edge & a cleaner finish as well as eliminating the need for 3 or 4 different files to finish your edge angle set-up.

Notable Features

  • Solid stainless steel constructions
  • Teeth are extremely sharp, precisely honed and incredibly long lasting
  • 100mm in length
  • Fine, 17 tpi (teeth per inch) for finishing edge set-up or very light resharpening
  • Use for edge angle set-up or when changing edge angles.
  • Not recommeded for regular maintenance
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Width: 2.00
Height: 2.00
Depth: 5.00
SKU: SWX16-1021

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