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Pure fluoro Swix racing overlay powder used to increase acceleration and top speed.

This product significantly reduces friction caused by water and snow contaminants.

Recommended for conditions of transformed, old snow in air temps from 10° to -10°C / 14° to 50° F.

A popular World Cup overaly due to its excellent durability especially on man made snow.

  • Use this product over a base of Swix HF5X, HF5BWX, HF6X, HF6BW, HF7X, HF7BWX, HF8X or HF8BWX.  
  • It's high melting point 155°C / 320°F requires a good, accurate iron such as the Swix T72.  
  • Recommended wax iron setting = 330° F
  • Swix suggests ironing in this product twice


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Width: 2.00
Height: 2.00
Depth: 3.25
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