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Temp Range -12° to -32°C / 10° to -25°F

For the 2014-15 season, Swix relaunched their entire Cera Nova Race Wax line, now referred to as Cera Nova X, with some formulas being tweaked after years of R & D, race tech input and exhaustive testing. 

The LF4X formula happens to be one of the recipes Swix made changes to which should ultimately lead to a better performing, easier to use cold weather ski wax.

LF4X is Swix's cold weather ski wax intended to combat dry friction conditions whe the air humidity is low and the temperature falls within  the range mentioned above. 

Swix LF4X can be used alone with great results especially on artifical snow.

With an emphasis on durability, LF4X is not the most fun wax to work with but when the temperatures are frigid, this is the go-to ski wax for Swix Technicians. 

On the warmer side of F4X's temperature range, if the air humidity is high, you will realize better performace by using a Swix Cera F powder overlay such as FC04X over your ironed in, scraped and brushed Swix LF4X.

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Depth: 8.00

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