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Swix LF12X 60g. combi pack contains one 20g bar each of Swix LF6X, LF7X and LF8X

Temp Ranges LF6X -5° to -10°C / 23° to 14°F, LF7X Temp Range -2° to -8°C / 28° to 18°F, LF8X Temp Range -4° to 4°C / 25° to 39°F

LF6X is a very durable low fluoro wax that can be used in training situations within its temp range, as a cold base prep wax for racing situations in which you would be best served by using the new Cera F FC06X Powder. The formula for LF6X forumla was not changed from their old Cera F system

LF7X has been reforumlated afer extensive testing. The new formula is most appropriate for normal winter conditions below the freezing point. Swix recommends this wax as a racing solution in lower humidities used below their Cera F Powder FC07X. It's also a great training wax and its hardness makes it a very easy wax to work with.

LF8X was also unchanged during the reformulation process of Swix's Cera F Race Line.  LF8X is ideal as both a base prep wax and a training wax. If used as a race wax, Swix recommends and overlayment of their Cera F FC08X Powder. LF8X is easy to melt and very easy and convenient to work with. 

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Width: 5.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 8.00
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