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Just in from Swix! The Evo Pro Edger is a affordable electric side edge sharpening tool. If you're looking to put razor sharp edge easily on a pair of skis this tool is for you. It uses a circular diamond disc to sharpen and hone your edges quickly and easily, about 30 to 45 second per pass depending on your ski length! Adjustable in one-degree increments from 90° to 85°. The diamond disc is backed by a steel spring which ensures consistent pressure regardless of stone wear. The disc rotates in the direction of the sidewall of the ski (instead of toward the base) this eliminates to possibility of creating a hanging burr. Swix says that each stone will tune approximately 300 pair of skis!  

The tool ships with one Fine Diamond Disc. Additions grit discs, Coarse and Medium, are also available! 

  • Angles adjustable from 90° to 85° in one-degree increments.
  • Ships with Fine diamond disc installed.
  • Medium and Coarse discs available separately as well as replacement Fine discs.
  • Disc mount is backed by a sturdy spring to ensure just the right amount of pressure is applied.
  • Plugs directly into the wall, no battery to charge.
  • For side edges only
  • 110-240 volt
Current Stock:
Width: 5.00
Height: 5.00
Depth: 7.00
SKU: SWX17-2000

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