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Swix CH12X 60g. combi pack contains one 20g bar each of Swix CH6X, CH7X and CH8X

Temp Ranges CH6X -5° to -10°C / 23° to 14°F, CH7X Temp Range -2° to -8°C / 28° to 18°F, CH8X Temp Range -4° to 4°C / 25° to 39°F

CH6X forumla remained unchanged due to its successful history as an economic training wax, low humidity racing wax and cold base prep. CH6X is extremely durable and performs well in most snow conditions, expecially artificial and glacier snow.

CH7X did go through a formulation change. This new, impoved wax performs well in normal winter conditions below freezing. It is an eay to work with wax both applying and scraping. Great for training wax as well as an all purpose base prep wax. 

CH8X also remained unchanged during the reformulation process. CH8X is a soft, easy to apply wax that works well as a warm base prep or affordable training wax in warmer conditions. 

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Width: 5.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 8.00
SKU: SWX15-1016

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