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If you're familiar with Swix you'll remember a successful overlay called FC100 which provided excellent results while it was in their product line up. As a matter of fact, we received several requests for it after it was pulled (probably for marketing reasons). 

Well, it's back with a new name and that is the 'new' Swix FC5X cold powder overlay.  

Testing has shown this product to perform best in transformed old snow in the -3° to -15°C / 27° to 5°F temp range but it alsp did very well in new snow in the same temps.

Suggested base waxes are HF5X, HF5BWX or LF5X
30g. container provides approximately 5 to 6 applications when friction applied.
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.
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Width: 2.00
Height: 2.00
Depth: 4.00
SKU: SWX15-1141

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