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  • This is the most accurate Sun Valley Ski Tools true bar available.
  • Use this to check for base flatness and as a gauge for determine edge bevels.
  • Machined from oil-hardened tool steel (hard stuff) then precision ground to within 1/10,000 of an inch of being perfectly flat.
  • Black titanium nitride plating provides a dull, flat finish and increases Rockwell hardness rating to 72 (really hard stuff).
  • Warp-proof and highly resistant to chip damage or becoming dull.
  • Six inches long.
  • Leather sheath included.
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Width: 6.50
Height: 2.25
Depth: 0.50

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5 Stars
Pricey, but the best

If you need the best true bar, this is the one. This isn't one for constant shop work, but if you're a builder, or tune for a racer, this is the one. One complaint? The leather case should be a half inch longer. You want to keep this tool in a protective case, but it isn't quite long enough and a quarter inch of the end is exposed.