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  • Developed by Sun Valley Ski Tools to plane any sidewall, regardless of its geometry – an essential step for edge bevel accuracy.
  • Multi radius carbide blade is compatible with any sidewall and increases this tools versatility.
  • Unlimited blade placement adjustability.
  • Machined aluminum.
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Width: 4.50
Height: 3.00
Depth: 2.50

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5 Stars
Works great..

Nicely adjustable and smooth cuts. I understand where some may have issues with chatter. Play with the blade angle and try using your free hand to apply light pressure to the top of the blade as you make the pass with your strong hand. That helped a lot.

5 Stars
Bulletproof & Ergonomic Design

I debated between the SVST and the FKS Kunzman tool (which also has a fine reputation). Ultimately, I decided on the SVST, due to past experiences with all of their tools, which I've found to have bulletproof construction, and be ergonomically designed. Since no ski's sidewall depth is perfectly consistent, I've found that being able to control the cutting depth "on the fly" to be an especially positive attribute of this tool, and no other tool I know of allows you to do this. It's not an advertised feature, but I find it to be almost indispensable. You can accomplish this by slightly rotating the tool while cutting (moving it from its parallel to the ski edge orientation). It's easy to control, and the blade is sharp and cuts easily. My highest praise is that I can't think of a single suggestion to improve on it, and I'm really picky about my tools. Thanks for another world class design, SVST!

5 Stars
read directions

You can't get a sharp edge without this tool. Used correctly it cuts smoothly and easily. It just takes 2-3 scrapes of the sidewall to make the rest of tuning a snap.

1 Star
expensive, poor performance

So, I selected this SVST edge planer, thinking it would be the best. Its not. With light pressure it doesn't remove any material, with heavy pressure, it takes chunks out of the sidewall. I've tried many different adjustments w/o success. It's going back. Don't buy this one...

5 Stars
SVST World Cup Sidewall Plane

Easy set up and smooth cutting

5 Stars
SVST World Cup Sidewall Plane Beautifully Crafted Tool

It took a little while to dial in, but once I did this tool pulls down the second edge and ABS sidewall with ease. The tool fits so well in the hand. I apply very little pressure and let the tool do the cutting. I found for a right handed person, set the cutting side (flat side not bevel side) at 1 and the bottom at 7 (clock face). I use the round edge as close to the tool as I can get it. It is a pleasure to use this tool and I rely on all SVST tools. Another home run.