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Four inch long adhesive backed diamond abrasive replacement strips for the SVST World Cup Diamond Files.

These will fit all versions of the SVST Diamond Files.

Industrial strength adhesive creates a super strong bond to aluminum backing.

Available in the following 4 grits; 120(coarse), 220(medium), 400(fine), 600(extra fine).

For best results, remove old strip from aluminum backing and clean residue with acetone or a solution containing acetone such as fingernail polish remover.


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Width: 4.00
Height: 0.75
Depth: 0.10

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5 Stars
SVST World Cup Diamond Replacement Diamond

I have a full set of these Diamond Stones. They are well constructed of anodized aluminum and either a 120, 220, 400 or 600 grit Diamond stone tape. The tape replacement is what I am reviewing. The tape is replaceable. Yes that's right "replaceable". Amazing right. I didn't have to replace the tape until I had used these stones for a couple years, so as wear and tear goes these are excellent and no aluminum waste, just throw away the old diamond sticker, clean off the old glue from the anodized aluminum plate and tape a new replacement on it. Perfect. Thanks for making something that is reusable. I love these and will continue to buy your products.

5 Stars
SVST Diamond Files

I really like these files, I only use the 220 and 440 grit, I am not a pro skier, but I like my edges to almost that. These are my go to tools, once my edges are done, I will keep them in shape through the season with the diamond stone so I am not taking a lot of metal off. They quick and easy to use with the SVST Pro Edge Beveler.