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Universal Ultra Wax is for air temp ranges from 10° to 35°

  • Premium grade, hydrocarbon ski wax formulated with special additives for excellent, affordable glide and durability.
  • Ideal for all-condition freeskiing and training or as a race wax in low humidity.
  • Five unique blends cover all temps and snow types.
  • Rub-on or iron application.
  • 10oz. bars measure approximately 9 x 2 x 1 ½ inches
Buying a case of 14 or more bars drops the price per bar to $7.75, a savings of 35%.

Also available in the following colors/air temp ranges;

Yellow  36° to 50°F
Red 23° to 36°F
Blue 10° to 22°F
Violet -10° to 5°F


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Width: 4.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 14.00
Bulk Discounts: Buy 14 or above and get $4.25 off

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5 Stars
High Quality wax for a very good price

This is my go to wax! Universal works well across all temperature ranges, on all conditions a hydrocarbon would be used. Good durability and reliability. Most all of my ski waxing, start with this wax. I can easily adjust it with the addition of other SVST temperature waxes to get truly fast wax!

5 Stars
Ultra Wax is Great

SVST products are first rate. We'll use Ultra Ski wax on all our skis for almost all conditions. Very versatile wax.

4 Stars
Great Value in Ski Wax Choice

Your Universal Ski Wax is a great choice for shops and avid ski families. The wax applies easily and smoothes to nice finish. Yet the wax is cheap enough to apply regularly, even weekly. Best value choice for those that tune regularly.

5 Stars
Great all around that is truly universal

This is my go to base wax that seems to work very well under most conditions hence, it is "universal". I use it alone or, will tweak it with other race werk's temperature waxes. Great Bang for the Buck!

5 Stars
Ski Wax Universal

it does the job for all snow types from cold to warm types

5 Stars
White on white lets you slide, glide and ride in all conditions.

Bryce is right. I've used SVST Ultra Universal Ski Wax, (white) for the past 5 years. In all conditions it consistently gives a quicker ride without worrying about friction working against me. It's very good for combining with other SVST colored waxes for specific snow conditions.