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The SVST Snowboard Roto Brush system is the finest you can buy and that's not just marketing fluff. These handles are made of machined stainless steel and aluminum components where others use plastic. All components are replaceable including the grip, shaft, bearings and brushed aluminum shield. That means when you drop this one and knock it out of whack, you don't have to throw down for a whole new set-up. You can pay for the broken/bent/fouled part instead. Big props to SVST for that one.


Current Stock:
Width: 4.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 19.00

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5 Stars
Superior Snowboard Rotobrush

Great product, pro quality, no plastic like other manufacturers plus it has a shield that other long rotobrushes do not have. Highly recommend this product.

5 Stars
Solid roto brush handle

Like most of SVST items, this is a top quality roto brush handle. Very well build, smooth running product. Has a SS shield to keep debris from flying on you. Width allows you to finish most snowboards in a single pass. Flat sided shaft allows for positive drive of the brushes. Only issue is they never seem to have these in stock. Took 6+months of watching their website to see they had these in stock so I could finally order one. Glad I ordered.

5 Stars
Excellent roto brush handle

The build quality of the SVST roto brush handle is excellent. Also, it's the only one I could find that has a shield to protect you from flying bristles. The size is perfect for brushing snowboards of various waist widths. I usually wax 5-7 snowboards before each trip, and this roto brush makes things go a lot faster. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality roto brush handle.