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  • Sun Valley Ski Tool’s World Cup tested edge polishing solution was developed specifically for fine metal polishing.
  • Accelerates the cutting and polishing action of all whetstones, diamonds, and pocket stones while increasing the life of those abrasives by preventing premature loading.
  • Non-oil based, water soluble solution will not clog or damage your ski bases.
  • Easy clean up with outstanding results.
  • Be wary of oil-based products. They are known to clog ski bases making them less likely to retain wax.
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Width: 4.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 10.00

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5 Stars
Part of my secret weapon

I love the SVST beveler + screw down clamp + secret sauce. I use the SVST ice file to sharpen dull edges, the moon stone to do some between day tunes, and a gummy stone to make things all smooth and beautiful. The secret sauce makes the file and stones run smoothly and almost never chatter, which makes for great looking edges. I use this combo on both snow boards and skis. PS...I hate the SVST beveler + spring clamp. It's fine when you're working on your workbench, with even footing and good balance, but sometimes you're on vacation and are doing your skis on a stair rail or something. If that spring clamp slips and you are a bit off balance, you have some razor sharp skis to contend with (as a large scar on my hand can prove). Long story short, buy the screw down file clamp. It's awesome and you it never lets you down.

5 Stars
Better then water for edge polishing

I use it for final edge prep and it has better results then water. It cleans burrs better and works well with my Diamond stones. I race prep and service twenty pairs of skis for my sons in alpine and skiercross. Great product!