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SVST's developed a new, completely original concept in wax brush design. Traditionally, wax brushes have always been manufactured with a level bristle trim. The new radial shape allows the loading and unloading of bristles which creates a clean whisking motion that is substantially more effective.

  • Fine, durable steel bristles.
  • Used to establish a linear, cold weather structure.
  • Also useful for breathing life back into old or neglected skis by exposing fresh, wax-receptive base material.
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Width: 6.00
Height: 3.50
Depth: 1.75

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5 Stars
Great design, fantastic tool!

This is one of those rare tools you get that after using a few times, you don't know how you managed before you had it. I use it before waxing to open up the base, and to clean old wax dirty wax off if needed. It's stiff enough to make short work of it, yet soft enough that it won't mar a the mirror polish you just put on an edge. The radial design? SVST deserves an award for that. It works with the natural movement of your wrist for more constant and consistent pressure, which results in fewer strokes and happier wrists (and probably longer brush life). All my future brushes will be radial, it's that good.