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The SVST Radial Brass, Horsehair Combo Wax Brush uses a completely original concept in wax brush design. 

Traditionally, wax brushes have been manufactured with a level bristle trim.  The new radial shape for these wax brushes allows for a more natural motion with regard to the loading and unloading of bristles.

This creates a clean whisking action that is substantially more effective at removing ski wax from the base structure as well fully utilizing the wax brushes bristles to their full potential = more bang for your buck from a work perspective.

  • SVST's Brass Horsehair brush is ideal for pre-wax cleaning and base prep from the brass bristles with an anti-static polishing perimeter of horsehair.
  • A must have in any serious waxers tool box
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Width: 1.75
Height: 3.50
Depth: 6.00

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