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  • Precision machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum, the SVST Pro Edge Beveler Side Edge File Guide is considered the finest tool made for this purpose.
  • This version of the Pro Edge Beveler by SVST has an attached stainless steel wear / glide plate on the face of the tool to significantly increase durability and allow the tool to more easily glide along the base material of your skis or snowboard.
  • The same tool used by professinonal ski and snowboard technicians, shop personnel and manufacturers reps to keep their equipment in top working form.
  • The purpose of this tool is to orient a file, whetstone or diamond abrasive for precisely setting and sharpening side edge bevels on skis and snowboards.
  • As far as ski tuning equipment is concerned, this is considered an absolute must have tool. 
  • CNC machined for unbeatable durability and accuracy. 
  • Extremely durable, hard anodized coated aluminum (not decorative anodized like you’ll find on different brands). 
  • Machined relief on the top of the SVST Pro Edge Beveler prevents file shavings from being pressed into the ski or snoboard's base. 
  • Works with a spring clamp or the SVST Pro Edge Beveler Clamp. 
  • Compatible with files, stones, and diamonds.
  • 0° - 4° angles available in 1° increments. 
  • Commonly used with a short Panzer file for sidewall removal.


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Width: 4.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 8.00

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5 Stars
The Best!

I've tried most of the edge bevelers out there, even the stoopid Swix with wheels. After my first full tune with this tool (new bevels cut, three files, five stones, then ceramic) I'm very pleased to say SVST with SS plate is superior to them all in practical ways. It's longer than the Swix WC, so if you want to get longer stones and use fewer strokes you can. As I was cutting with files I thought something was wrong - "Where are the filings?" The notches on the deck actually work to catch them! Swix says the WC does this, but it doesn't. This is an awesome tool. As I acquire more SVST tools I'm coming to expect this from them.

5 Stars
BEST edge beveler

SVST products are the best in the industry, and this edge beveler is no exception. Highly recommend it, whether you're tuning a few or a bunch of skis.

5 Stars
Works as advertised!

Good product, easy to use, durable. Everything you want in a side edge sharpening tool.

5 Stars
Best Side Bevels Ever

Don't waste your money with anything else. The SVST machined aluminum side bevels are bullet proof and will last a lifetime. The only thing better is the SVST solid stainless steel side bevels. Both will be the best side bevels you'll ever use.

5 Stars
great tools

Engineered well, works great, these will be the only tools I'll be using going forward...

5 Stars
Simply the Best

I have been using SVST tools for years. You can't beat the price, quality and serivce. And, they're right here in Boise, Idaho!

5 Stars
Nice piece of equipment

As advertise. The stainless steel siding keeps the movement very smooth and consistent.

5 Stars
My secret weapon

I love the SVST beveler + screw down clamp + secret sauce. I use the SVST ice file to sharpen dull edges, the moon stone to do some between day tunes, and a gummy stone to make things all smooth and beautiful. The secret sauce makes the file and stones run smoothly and almost never chatter, which makes for great looking edges. I use this combo on both snow boards and skis. PS...I hate the SVST beveler + spring clamp. It's fine when you're working on your workbench, with even footing and good balance, but sometimes you're on vacation and are doing your skis on a stair rail or something. If that spring clamp slips and you are a bit off balance, you have some razor sharp skis to contend with (as a large scar on my hand can prove). Long story short, buy the screw down file clamp. It's awesome and you it never lets you down.

5 Stars
Perfect beveler

used it last weekend and the great thing about it is the stainless steel base plate. it glides much smoother on the base than the all aluminium guides.

5 Stars
It's not how fast you are in a straight line, it's the turns you make to get there!

I've had a 3 degree beveler for decades, both as a racer and as a coach and now just to hold on for dear life when it's icy! I bought the planer and the 4 degree bevler jsut to augment the 3. I used it the other day on two pairs of Head GS'es, short and long, FIS illegal. What a grip! I was on watery hard snow - not desperate ice but on stuff that needed a good purchae. My skis ran like they were glued to a curved planet. The tools worked superbly and easily. Bad have to buyt the top pice with screw and rubber plate seperatly now. The sS&H is more then the parts. They should have used USPS instead of UPS. Great telcon with great service. Qiuickyly mailed and I was emailed about it. Wonderful service from SVST as always.

5 Stars
Love this bevel guide

I have two S/S bevel guides and just added this side bevel guide in 4 degrees. I love the weight and ease of switching stones with this tool. I highly recommend it.