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Aluminum thumb screw clamping mechanism to securely hold files or objects of similar thickness (i.e. diamond files and ceramic stones) to the SVST Pro Edge Beveler file guides.


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Width: 5.00
Height: 1.00
Depth: 0.33

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5 Stars
Solid grip on files and diamond stones

This works exactly as advertised, very secure grip, allow file to bite and track more accurately with your guide. So much better than a spring clamp.

3 Stars
skip or change to bolt with wingnut style or use wrench

I got this because I saw a pro tuner using it with a panzer file, but he had swapped it for a hex bolt which he tightened with a tool. I can see why. I cannot grip the tiny knurled thumbscrew to get good clamping results. The file twists around. Because my file was sharp, I wound up using the 1" spring clamp and applying less force. I'll keep an extra panzer file on hand rather than need this clamp.

4 Stars
Thumb Screw Clamp

Works well with thinner files and stones. I mostly use spring clamps.

5 Stars
Much more accurate

I find the clamp much superior to the spring clamp.I can put more pressure without deflection and not trade off accuracy.