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This augmented fire generating device produces a pinpoint flame which can reach temps up to 1300°C. That may sound excessive but when lighting base repair material, which is the intended use for this torch, high flame temps reduce and sometimes eliminate the carbon producing effects of low flame temps.

Carbon build up (black flecks in the repair material) will compromise your repair causing it to prematurely fail and require another stint in the shop.

Use this p-tex torch with our 8MM base repair candles found here or any other form of repair material meant to be lit on fire and dripped into the damaged ski or snowboard base.

Not to be used with material such as the 11MM sticks which work with extrusion guns or weld wire type repair material.

Torch ships with a drained cartridge which may be filled with any standard butane lighter refiller. 

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Width: 2.00
Height: 6.25
Depth: 9.25

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