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The Sun Valley Ski Tools Snowboard Rotobrush system is widely accepted as the highest quality rotobrush set up availalble.  

This particular brush was designed as an all-purpose rotobrush appropriate for both removal and initial polishing of freshly scraped snowboards.  

What sets SVST's system apart from all the others is their super-thick & durable composite barrel (the tube in which the bristle pods are embedded) as well as the machined aluminum end caps vs. competitors plastic end caps.  

Over time the bristles will eventually wear out but we know from experience that you get significantly more life out of these products than any other on the market that we're aware of.

Important Details

Brush length = 12 inches

Not compatible with any other roto handle 

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.
Current Stock:
Width: 3.00
Height: 3.00
Depth: 12.50

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5 Stars
Good first first

This is top quality SVST roto brush. Very smooth running product when used with the SVST snowboard roto brush handle. I use the 7 mm Nylon brush as the first step after scraping to remove any “excess” wax missed in scraping on snowboards. I then follow this with the 6mm horsehair brush to “polishing” wax to nice uniform finish. The width allows you to clean most snowboards in a single pass. Aluminum end caps with flats sided holes match perfect with the roto handle for positive drive of the brushes.