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Assembled almost entirely from SVST Performance Ski Tuning Equipment, the Master's Tun Kit contains essential ski tuning tools and waxing equipment for hard-core tech heads and ski racers looking for an edge over the competition.  

Tuning Kit Components

SVST The Final Cut Base Beveler* $76.00
SVST Pro Edge Beveler* $32.00
SVST World Cup Sidewall Plane $127.00
SVST 5” Round True Bar $12.00
SVST File Brush and Card  $12.00
Vallorbe 8" Icecut Ski Edge File $27.00
SVST Fine Gummi Stone-Red $1200
SVST 220 Grit Diamond File $35.00
SVST Combi Ceramic Stone $32.00
SVST Secret Sauce 2oz. Bottle $10.00
SVST 1” Spring Clamp $4.00
SVST Brass Texturing Brush $18.00
SVST Horsehair Brush 9mm $17.00
SVST Supreme Wax Scraper $6.00
SVST Hardwood Waxing Cork $7.00
SVST 6" x 82' Fiberlene Roll $11.00
SVST Brake Band Retainers $3.00
RaceService 1 ZF5 5 Pack Wax $32.00
SVST Tuning DVD $28.00
SVST Shop Apron $19.00
Tool Box $15.00
Total Value $539.00
Kit Price $431.00

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Width: 20.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 12.00

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