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Product Information

  • SVST Gummi Stones allow you to deburr, polish or remove rust from your ski edges.
  • Three grits available for different levels of deburring or polishing.
  • Gray, coarse gummi best used for a deburring or detuning application and effortlessly erases rust.
  • Red, fine gummi is perfect for finer buffing or polishing edges.  Also used for “breaking” the micro-burr from a recently filed, whetstoned, or diamond file polished edge.
  • Tan (not pictured), extra-fine produces a super fine finish and has been a favorite at the Mt. Hood Race Camps.
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.
Current Stock:
Width: 2.63
Height: 1.63
Depth: 0.88

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5 Stars
best gummy stone

It works like a stone from a very good store

5 Stars
What The Hell Is A Gummi Stone I know. It works and I'm glad the crew at SVST said to get it.