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  • A very aggressive ski base brush ideal for cold structures and removing oxidation from ski base material.
  • These can breathe life back into ski bases you may have thought were dead.
  • It is common to “break” the bristles on a belt sander prior to use to reduce the risk of unwanted or irregular structuring.
  • Measures 3" x 5".
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Width: 4.75
Height: 2.75
Depth: 1.63

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5 Stars
SS Texturing Brush

I have always struggled with a brass brush to breath new life into abused bases. I typically end up getting a light base grind rejuvinate the base. I saw the SVST SS brush and thought I'd give it a try. It works great on skis that have burnt bases that are long overdue for wax. It also does a great job of blending in all the minor scuffs. Skis take up a ton of wax after using this brush so be ready to do a double melt after using this tool.