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Extremely sharp, 4mm thick, tool steel scraper makes quick work of flattening skis and cleaning up excess repair material. The finest tool of it’s kind. Measures 2 ½” x 5”.

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Width: 7.50
Height: 4.50
Depth: 0.25

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5 Stars
Stiff as a board

This scraper doesn't bend at all. It's exactly how a scraper should be. It will make your base flat. I scraped a base with a 0.8 mm thick Sandvik-Bahco scraper, and I ended up imparting a slight convexity to the base despite stiffening the Sandvik with a 4mm thick plastic scraper as I scraped. I bought this SVST scraper to undo the results of the Sandvik and it did the trick. For accuracy's sake, the SVST scraper is less than 4mm thick. The one I got is actually 3.20 mm to 3.52 mm thick depending on where I measure with the micrometer. But making the scraper an extra 0.5 mm thicker would have just made it heavier without improving the stiffness enough to matter: It's already stiff enough. The SVST scraper is 4 times thicker than the three alternatives I have: a Swix steel scraper is 0.80 mm thick, a Toko steel scraper is 0.80 mm thick, and the Sandvik is 0.81 mm thick. Note the actual SVST scraper you'll get is a blank piece of steel. It won't have the SVST logo, or anything, marked onto it like the photo shows. The SVST is a carbon steel. Magnets stick to the SVST strongly unlike the Swix and Toko which are stainless steel. Stainless is harder, which makes it harder to burnish and harder to square the scraper's edges with a stone, unless it's a diamond stone. Burnishing the SVST with a screwdriver shaft worked out well. Check out the Christopher Tribe youtube howto video for burnishing a cabinet scraper. I followed his procedure for burnishing the SVST. It's simple to do. Finally, the SVST scraper comes with a heavy-duty nylon sheath for storage.

5 Stars
This Is The Shezazzle

Strong, sturdy, sharp piece of metal that makes ptex repair a breeze. Glad that SVST suggested this piece of tuning equipment.

5 Stars

Great scraper, The best I have ever used.