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  • SVST Superchrome 10" file is hard chromed for durability and a clean, effortless cutting action.
  • These are hand crafted Austrian ski files designed to dispatch the increasing hardness of ski edges.
  • Rockwell hardness tested at 72.
  • Used by thousands of home and professional ski tuners.
  • Buying a box of 12 files saves you 15%.
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Width: 2.00
Height: 2.00
Depth: 14.00
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5 Stars
Maybe the Best Production File in the World

I actually use files to restore vintage edged tools like axes, adzes, chisels, etc. for resale to collectors and hobbyists. I also ski and am familiar with SVST files, but recently I decided to try them with my restorations work just for fun. They are incredible! Possibly among the best files out there on the level with Stella Bianca, F. Dick and other premium tools, including legendary vintage stuff you can't buy anymore. I couldn't be more thrilled. Worth every penny. lol

5 Stars
Amazing Files

Ran a snowboard shop a few years ago and these were the best files we could find for detuning and cleaning edges. Now I have a composites business and use these files for finish filing carbon fiber parts. Carbon quickly dulls the vast majority of cutting tools from bits to blades to files. These superchrome files hold up great and cut nicely. The safety edge is also key for my use. This just means there are no teeth on the sides.