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The best thing in the world for your skis is to keep them saturated with wax. Sounds good in theory but it’s not so easy in practice – at least it wasn’t before SBC-1. This incredibly penetrative base prep wax reduces conditioning time from days to hours, increases the life of your expensive race wax job and reduces base damage caused by abrasion. For faster skis, SBC1 should be your first step. 

  • Special base conditioning wax with unique, ultra-soft, ultra-penetrating properties for use on new skis or skis with new grinds. 
  • Excellent for hot scraping especially after use of fluorinated competition wax.
  • Help speed graphite replenishment/enrichment when used with SBCG-1


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Width: 3.00
Height: 4.50
Depth: 9.00
SKU: SBC1450

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5 Stars
great prep wax

SBC1 is a good 1st wax option for early or new board prep.

5 Stars
The best base wax!

I have 6 pairs of skis and prepped each one initially with 8 layers SBC1 wax before several layers of the wax of the day. I've used several base prep waxes; swix, toko, dominator... None come close . SBC1 has the lowest melt point by far, and allows for hot box type results with just a iron. I highly recommend this wax for the initial base prep and hot scrape.

5 Stars
Base Prep Wax is the best!

I would not ever wax my skis until I've used this wax from SVST. Super easy to apply and scrape. Great penetration, cleaning ability and helps the wax go deeper into the base. This is the best base prep I've ever used. I've been using this base prep on all my skis for over 8 years. I'm using a lot more now with my Volkl Shiro's at 153mm shovel. LOL. Still makes my job easier and skis last longer with better base conditioning!

5 Stars
Best Conditioning/base prep/storage wax there is period.

I have used RaceService products for years. This is a great baseprep wax/storage wax. Low temp melting point. Stays in liquid form in hot box for hours.