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  • For snow temps from -15° to -30°C (5° to -22°F)
  • If you have used ECGA-4 additive in your wax solution, you may not need this powder.  It is designed mainly as a very special arctic/extreme-condition (very aggressive snow) overlay, primarily for speed events or situations where durability of the wax is at a premium
  • It is viable for all humidity levels and assists in situations of harsh static/very low humidity (<25%) or cold abrasive snow and ice.
  • Caution: this powder must be ironed on (fiberline method).  Use adequate vertilation and/or a respirator.  Avoid direct contact of hot iron-to powder-to base.  Once ironed in with fiberline, may be partiall corked then polished and brusshed out well with a stiff horsehair brush only.  Stay away from nylon brushes here & use some elbow grease.
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Width: 3.00
Height: 2.75
Depth: 1.00
SKU: RP430

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