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  • For snow temps from -8° to -15°C (18° to 5°F)
  • In general, this is the danger zone for powders.  With the likelihood of falling humidit and substantiall more aggressive snow crystals, this temp range/crystal charactersitcs often take their toll on expensive powders that are built to help you in this range.
  • For proper results in these conditions use RS-3 Solid without question.  If you feel the humidity is going to rise well above 40%, closer to 60%, then consider this powder on top of the RS-3.
  • A unique powder for colder, more aggressive or man-made  snow and conditions of moderate to higher humidity (>40%).
  • Also safe on fresh falling snow (if the humidity is up) or ice.
  • Shake, cork, polish, brush.
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Width: 3.00
Height: 2.75
Depth: 1.00
SKU: RP330

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