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  • All three of the the brushes measure 3 in x 4.5 in and they are exactly what you need to get started waxing your skis (alpine or nordic) and snowboards. This awesome value three brush kit contains:
  • A brass brush (10 mm) for renewing base structure, opening pores before you wax (for this step brush in the opposite direction - tail to tip), and brushing hard waxes.
  • A nylon brush (10 mm) that is the workhorse of wax removal. Designed to be stiff enough to remove wax in less passes, a time saver.
  • A soft, fine horsehair brush (8 mm) for removing wax from the fine structure of your base for the final polish!
  • A zippered storage case and instructions are included.
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Width: 5.50
Height: 4.38
Depth: 3.50

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