Product Information

  • For snow temps from -2° to -6° C (28° to 21° F)
  • Universal paraffin base prep/conditioner.
  • Wonderful penetration and “silky” feel with surprising durability.
  • Provides an excellent foundation for speed skis.
  • May be occasionally used with SBCG-1.
  • May even be used for racing in low humidity (<40%) in combination with EGA-2.
  • Good hot-scrape and travel wax.
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Width: 8.00
Height: 5.00
Depth: 4.00
SKU: ZF2450

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5 Stars

Great non-fluoro wax that I have switched over to from Holmenkol as I like the temperature range more than beta mix. It seems to be a little harder. I also use ZF3 which is great with new snow that is in the 20 degree range.

5 Stars
Race Servece ZF-2

Great wax ,base prep, hot scraping,summer storage works well In our dry winter climate super fast with great durability.