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A competitive edge from the cutting edge. The Super Skull SPIN is a super lightweight helmet designed specifically for elite-level racers, meeting the demands and rigors of those at the cutting edge of their sport. The next stage in the evolution of the Skull, POC's classic race helmet, the Super Skull SPIN delivers protection for those who demand nothing but the safest, lightest protection. From the very beginning, the Skull family has been about one thing above all else: supporting the fastest, safest way down on a race run. Certified for race use by the FIS, the Super Skull SPIN provides performance protection at a weight previously unimaginable thanks to a carbon fiber shell. Coupled with our patent-pending SPIN pads lining the helmet interior, the helmet gives enhanced rotational impact protection. A multi-impact VPD System layer is included in the front deflector panel and at the rear to deflect energy from gates or low-impact falls, further enhancing the ability of the helmet to protect in higher-speed crashes. When combined, these features deliver a new level of safety in a super lightweight package designed exclusively for safety on the race run.

Size M-L (55cm to 58cm)

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Width: 10.00
Height: 10.00
Depth: 12.00
SKU: POC18-5000

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