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POC Junior Layer is an innovative approach to protecting ski racers from cut and abrasions. By combining the protective qualities of Dyneema® fabric within a technical base layer, ski racers have a simple but highly effective protective barrier to injury from sharp edges.

Dyneema®fabric is strategically placed in areas most exposed to cuts or abrasions, notably the collar, neck, under arm and along the sleeves.


  • Cut & Abrasion resistant base layer
  • Jersey mixed with Dyneema® fabric to prevent injury from sharp edges
  • Level 2 cut resistance alone, level 4 with POC race suit (5 is maximum)
  • Dyneema® fabric strategically placed to reinforce areas most exposed to sharp edges
  • Highly flexible and lightweight Lycra & Polyester blend
  • Good wicking and moisture management
  • Competition/race fit
  • Designed to be worn under your race suit
  • Unisex Jr Sizing
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Width: 3.00
Height: 3.00
Depth: 9.00
SKU: POC17-117

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