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Plastic binding hole plugs are used to fill the unused screw holes left when mounting a new set of ski bindings that have a different mount pattern. 

Filling & sealing the unused screw holes with these dense plastic binding hole plugs is a critical to the health of your skis as it keeps snow and water from getting into the core material which can freeze, expand and cause significant damage. 

To properly use these, drop a dab of waterproof binding glue into the unused screw holes then firmly tap in a hole plug with a rubber mallot. 

Shave remaing hole plug materal off flush to the skis top sheet with a sharp wood chisel, razor blade, utility knife blade or SVST's 4mm Tool Steel Scraper and voilà! Hole Plugged!

100 count

More Colors To Come

Current Stock:
Width: 2.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 6.00
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