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Dull wax scrapers suck!  Right?  And the static-blade/file style scraper sharpeners out there just can't bring your existing scrapers back to their original, glorious sharpness.  If you too are frustrated by worthless, dull wax scrapers, then say Hello to the Mantac Electric Wax Scraper Sharpener!  

This little beauty uses a carbide cutting bit rotating at an insanely high rate of speed to effortlessly hone your scrapers to a razor sharp, factory finished edge.  In fact, some have commented that after using the Mantac Electric Scraper Sharpener, their wax scrapers are actually sharper than they were brand new.  No more ragged, cupped, beveled, chattered scraper edges.  How about that?  Just plug it in, run your scrapers (up to 1/4" thick) through the slot a few times and BAM!  Super Sharp, Super Awesome!

We know this is a little spendy for a lowly scraper sharpener, but take a quick mental count of how many scrapers you burn through a year (at $6 to $8 bucks a pop).  For a decent sized family of skiers & boarders it really doesn't take long to break even by picking one of these up rather than buying a brand new scraper that's becomes frustratingly dull within about 5 uses.  Math is your friend in this case.

Pick one of these up!  You can thank us later :-)  (P.S. We recommend safety glasses when using this beast!)


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Width: 6.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 12.00

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5 Stars
Nothing out there like it!

Just built a state of the art wax and tune room in my garage. Heated,, vented, cooling racks, blue tooth to music and Netflix to boot. The Mantac sharpener is the cherry on the cake! I love it! My little stack of scraper's are at the ready, always. What a treat to always have a sharp, squared scraper. And so easy to use and clean up. Already my skis are preforming better than ever.

5 Stars
What a great tool!

If you have been struggling to sharpen your scrapers and use paper, screen or files, consider this tool. Using a fast pass with light pressure will obtain a chip free super sharp edge making scraping easy.