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The Kwik Snowboard Roller Hot Waxer is designed for high volume waxing jobs not unlike those found in a ski or snowboard tune shop environment. 

As a matter of fact, hundreds if not thousands of these are used on a daily basis in the winter to speed up the hot wax application process in shops, ski areas, and by school, professional and amature ski teams all over the world. 

This device uses a heated reservoir of wax with a double roller system: one submerged in the molten wax and also in contact with the top, rubber coated roller. As you pass your snowboard or ski over the rubber roller, molten wax is transferred from the submerged roller to the rubber coated roller ultimately applying a perfectly smooth, thin layer of molten wax on the ski or snowboard's base.

This product significantly speeds up the molten wax application process but does not eliminate the need to use a hot iron for best results.

Boards can be completely covered in an ultra thin layer of wax in less than one minute cutting down on wax application time, and costs.

Each waxer has a generious reservior, powerful heating element, indicator light and variable temperature control. 

All components and electronics are made in the USA

Best used with pre-flaked or pellet type waxes. You can also use a cheese grater to convert bar wax into the appropriate form for quicker melting.

Roller is 14" wide. Entire Unit is 17" Wide x 10 1/4" Deep x 3 1/2" Tall.  Weighs approximately 15lbs


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Width: 6.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 20.00
SKU: 090-600

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