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Moonflex Diamond Stones by Diaface of Italy, also known as Moonflex Diamond Files, are specialty sharpening abrasives for the metal edges of skis and snowboards.

Of all the diamond stones & files we sell, these sharpening stones receive the highest praise, positive feedback and favorable reviews from our customers and staff.

Diamond stones are typically used as the abrasive of choice for honing & polishing edge material following the initial edge angle set-up performed with a steel file.

These diamond stones should also be used as your regular edge maintenace abrasive for daily resharpening. This will prevent excessive material removal which occurs with frequent use of traditional ski files to shapren your edges.

Moonflex Diamond Stones are also excellent at dispatching cased hardened areas of ski and snowboard edges which are the areas a traditional file will essentially slip over because the edges surface layers have become too hard for the steel file to cut.

You can use these tools free hand for spot repair or wth a file guide like the SVST Pro Edge Beveler for pinpoint accuracy. 

The patented diamond pod configuration of Diaface's Moonflex Diamond Stones allows these abrasives to cut away edge material (sharpen) and polish the ski or snowboard edge at the same time. This drastically reduces working time as well as the striations or tiny grooves in the metal which are a typical drawback of many other diamond type sharpening stones.

Based on our own experience and customer reports, these diamond stones or files outlast and out perform every other similar product that is currently available in the ski tuning tool market

Right now, the Italian made Diaface Moonflex Diamond Files are the best diamond abrasives money can buy.

  • 103 mm x 26mm
  • Availabe in the following grits from coarse to fine—100, 200, 400, 600 or 1500.
  • Best results when used wet or with SVST’s Secret Sauce metal polishing solution.
  • Also available in a smaller 70mm x 25mm format which fits the SVST Double Duty Side Edge Beveler
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Width: 4.00
Height: 5.00
Depth: 6.00
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Customer Reviews 5 (5 Reviews) Write a review of this product

5 Stars
moonflex is excellent an diamond stone

excellent stone!

5 Stars
Best file ever

This finely milled file is the easiest and most precise I have ever used. It requires a very light touch to remove burrs and bring a sharp and even edge to a ski. Finishing the edge with diamond stones is quick and easy. This file is absolutely worth the price.

5 Stars
Hone performance

A great tool to remove dings and polish edges without removing excess metal.I use them every time I ski for peak performance.

5 Stars
High End Tuning Stone

They don't look like much compared to my older files but they definitely do the job and I relied upon the product description that they last twice as long - I hope they are right. So far so good. They do clean easier.

5 Stars
Moonflex Diamond Files

I have used a number of different diamond files and have found that these files do not clog as easily as other such files particularly when not using any lubricant. As a result, they do not become dull as fast and generally last me twice as long as other diamond files.