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Lava 7.6" goggle is the best result of Briko design and technology. The 7.6" flexible and extra wide lenses filter the blue light, increasing the visual contrasts and reducing the reaction time while racing; the Bumper system protects from frontal impacts and the Flexa system makes the frame soft and able to optimize the goggle fit. The included Racing Cap avoids eye lachrymation at high speeds and in case of extreme weather conditions. Lava 7.6” won the ISPO Award in 2014 in the "Ski Goggles" category for its design and technical innovations

Wide view Lava 7.6 Double lens Goggles, feature lens slider system, triple thermoformed foam, polycarbonate lens.

Comes with two lenses: Mirror and Pink!

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Width: 6.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 4.00
SKU: BRI17-200

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